• Happy Hour Made in Florence

    Enotecas of choice for a refined Tuscan aperitivo

    An interesting Florentine reality is precisely that of small enotecas that select quality products and labels, marrying the enogastronomic tradition which has always characterized our region with a refined attention to the smaller and lesser-known productive realities. Which are they?

    If you’re downtown, just a few steps from Piazza Duomo and Helvetia & Bristol Firenze - Starhotels Collezione, in Piazza dell’Olio, you’ll find Fiaschetteria Nuvoli.

    Go down the stairs that take you to the floor below, which dates from the early 18th century, and have them bring you a plate of crostini—with truffles, lardo and sbriciolona among their specialties–and a good glass of wine.

    Moving over to the Oltrarno, stop in the San Niccolò neighborhood and try Bevo Vino. A very colorful and cheerful place, run with passion by three young people who privilege native Tuscan wines and traditional dishes reinvented with a light touch, also paying attention to vegetarian tastes.

    Proceed toward Santo Spirito: heading down from the Costa San Giorgio you’ll find yourself in Piazza Santa Felicita, at Le Volpi e l’Uva, an institution for more than twenty years for a good aperitivo. The best of quality at reasonable prices is their philosophy, and the place is always very crowded.

    In Piazza Pitti, right in front of the wonderful Palazzo, is Pitti e Gola: Franciacorta bubbly to young or aged reds. The selection is vast. Besides plates of cured meats and cheeses, a must not-to-be-missed is the chicken liver terrine.

    In Via Santo Spirito is the youthful offspring of Santo Bevitore restaurant, one of the best-known Florentine eateries: Santino, open from 10 to 11 pm, cozy atmosphere, informal and refined, it’s the ideal choice for a quick lunch, an aperitivo or light dinner.

    Among the things not to be missed, the mini stuffing of Fassona from the Zivieri butcher shop or the raw milk pecorino cheeses from the Caseificio Bacciotti, or the home-grown tiny artichokes.

    Lungarno Acciaiuoli is the place of Il Borro Tuscan Bistrot: a real concept shop halfway between restaurant, wine bar and store, an innovative space that has as primary essence, excellence, in all its various forms.